Innovative eco-friendly and affordable products for the water treatment industry

About Us


We are a company with an unwavering commitment to the environment

Eco-Tabs was founded on the core belief that eco-friendly, non-toxic waste treatment products are a necessity in today’s environmentally sensitive and fragile ecosystem.

We are proud of the global team of scientists, engineers and wastewater experts with whom we are associated through our involvement with the Eco TabsTM product range.

Our collective philosophy of creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative solutions ensures we can deliver the best results and deliver unmatched savings.

Our unique approach to water pollution has given us the opportunity to re-model the water industry’s understanding of treatment value and cost  savings.

The extensive and growing global footprint of clients is a testament to the relationships we form with our clients and the impact we are having on water security.

What We Do


South Africa is a relative dry country with a low average rainfall. Our rivers are small in comparison with other countries and some of our larger rivers are shared with other countries. Many of our existing water resources have been over-used or significantly altered with very uneven distribution.

Many areas in the country are facing serious water shortages. This situation is predicted to have a larger impact on the back of climate change and population growth. It has become critical to apply more effective measures and solutions to protect and maintain our available water resources.

EMS is not only a company with a strong commitment to the environment but also home of the creative and innovative Eco-Tabs™ ( patent pending )
that aims at combating these issues

Eco-Tabs are a globally established product across all the continents in all its applications.

We have a Research and Development team working around the clock to keep abreast of new challenges that might threat our scarce water resources.




Eco-Tabs™ are a revolutionary and proven range of products that answers the need for a safe, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use and affordable solution for the challenges faced by Water authorities globally for the treatment of;

Remediation of nutrient overload in rivers and lakes which lead to harmful algal blooms in lakes and water bodies

Reduction of sediment and organic matter in dams, lakes and sewage lagoon systems.

Mitigation of oil, grease, fats and sludge in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater plants often resulting in greater treatment capacity

Prevent and remove organic build-up in reticulation networks

Remediation of Hydrocarbon pollution in water and soil

Other applications include grease traps, septic systems, portable toilets, urinals, agricultural waste and run-off, storm water, car wash facilities or anywhere a safe, non-toxic solution is required in efficient solid waste- and odour control



The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly using  microdot separation technology.

Once applied our products will:

Release oxygen into the water

Neutralize odors

Through a process of bioaugmentation remove organic and chemical pollutants

Improve the quality of the water

Reverse the process of eutrophication

Restore capacity by reducing sediment and sludge

Increase overall system efficiency

Reduce costly maintenance

Reduce the need for toxic chemicals