The wastewater industry faces challenges daily as a result of ever-increasing loads and expansion of networks resulting in poor quality effluent and undersized plants.

Our sustained release tablets which provide active oxygen, nutrients, buffers and safe aerobic micro organisms to, help to clean up and control odor while keeping wastewater systems running efficiently with reduced downtime.

Eco-Tabs™ has developed an enhanced aerobic grease mitigation and digestion technology to address the challenges of lift/pump stations and wet wells operating under a variety of conditions.

Eco-Tabs™ Wastewater tablets are ideal for use in any reticulation network of treatment plant.

Basic benefits are:

  • Networks remain clear of fat and other organic
  • Reduction in manhours required for maintenance of lines and lift stations
  • Increased plant capacity
  • Improved efficiency at WWTP’s
  • Reduced chemical requirement at WWTP’s
  • Reduced production and handling of sludge
  • Reduced disposal costs of sludge
  • General improvement of effluent water at lower cost.
  • Treatment Plant
  • Grease Traps
  • Lift Stations
  • Pump stations
  • Wet Wells
  • Collection System Sewer Lines
  • Tank and Basins
  • Lagoons
Specifications Form
Form: 3” x 1″ 140 Grams Solid Tablet
Color: Tan
Contents: Oxygen Generating Compounds, Buffers, Nutrients, Surfactants, Bacterial Spores, Biodegradable Dye, Fragrance
Plate Count: 5.5 billion CFU per gram